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Theosophists offer hope on abortion issue

Jan 13, 1995 12:52 PM
by Keith Price

Thanks to JRC, Marek, Daniel, Liesel, and Jerrry S.  and John
Mead for keeping the discussion of this emotional and
controversial topic on such a high level.  I still feel we are
all a part of the nucleus of universal siblinghood.

It is still so easy to be misunderstood on this topic people just
asssume you are one side or the other and the sterotype your
views and if you are other side get out the same old arguments or
sometimes guns (not funny, I know).

However I think we are onto something here.  As suggested, we as
theosophists can do two things to advance the principles behind
the eternal wisdom:

1) raise the debate above the physical blood and guns level, the
astral hot-headed name calling and even the kamas-manas
tortuously devised arguments that are shop worn and have the
stinking air of political correctness (i.e.  stupidity where
there should be truth) or fundamentalism (more hanging on to a
scriptural "party line" instead of truth).  There is no religion
higher than truth (where have I heard that before) and there
should be no political cant higher than truth (agreed???)

Thus we can raise the debate to the intutional or buddhic level
by showing the principles of theosophy (karma, dharma,
periodicity, cycles, purity and unselfishness among others).

2) I beleieve it was Jerry S.  who suggessted we offer a higher
view of the whole parenting process.  Didn't there used to be a
section of the T.S.  concerned with children.  Well, it time we
expanded it's function to include a esoteric view of what
parenthood really is for the theosophically minded.  As he
outlined, two physical humans (with all 7 vehicles) are calling
into incarrnation a third spiritual being through the sex act.
Thus meditation, occult preparations would be in order to call
the right soul and invite it gently back from devachan through
the frightening lower planes.  The pregnancy period could be one
on intense spiritual communion for the the three souls.  (I wish
Brenda and Eldon would comment on their experience with their new

Thus we could offer hope where there is despair.  I find it hard
to believe a child of a theosophist would starve in America.

There seems to be much support already for "new age" Lamaze type
birthing.  Maybe we could move along these lines of supporting

3) Karma is a free choice.  I would not shut down one abortion
clinic if it meant going back to the back to alley buthcher shop
abortions with coat hangers that we had before Roe VS.  Wade.

I hate to even bring up the labels, but I am really pro-choice,
but with the realization that abortion is a choice against life,
not just the removal of an inconvenient blob of cells.

As far as with government control and where do you draw the
line?? It gets really scarry what about euthinasia is Dr.
Kavorkian just another person using his karmaic option for free

What about spousal abusers? Should we allow them their freedom of
karmic choice and just right it off to they will get theirs in
the the next life time???

- - -

Two things welled up in my unconcious when we were discussing
this topic.  One was the gnostic idea that the created universe
is the work of a deformed God who has created and ABORTION.  In
the gnostic system, the gnostickoi (the knowing ones) realize
this and seek to get back to the one.  Humanity was seduced down
from the light by the planetary Archons or Aeons.  They are
degraded until their light is broke into shards and they forget
their original diviinity.  The only hope is Sophia or
Christos-Sophia (god/goddess of wisdom) who will save the gnostic
and raise him back up through the planetary spheres.

HPB gave the gnostics their due, but sided more with the
neo-platonists who believed the world to echo the perfection of
the divine world and the goal for those like Plotinus was to
realize the ONE even during this life.

Thus it comes back to the over used term world view.  The
gnostics where complete celibates or complete hedonists.  The
second type abounds today.  If we are all victims of the system
why not have our fun and abort the results later.  WHy not use
drugs if they lift you to a higher plane away from this aborted
world.  However, the other side would say we have responsibiity
for maintaining and nuruting a beautiful world where we can help
each other realize the ONE LIFE, or the Voice of the Silence,
even for those who have been aborted.


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