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Dual Membership

Jan 13, 1995 11:40 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Recently, Jerry S.  posted a comment about membership in the two
TS's, Adyar and Pasadena, and before that Jerry H-E referred to
the same issue.  I'd like to ask if there are any other of you
out there with dual membership, and if you are willing to share
the reasons?

In reflecting on my own case, I came up with three main reasons
for maintaining membership in both societies, which I'll briefly

1.) Karmic debt.  There are so many people in both groups who
have helped me along the path that it would seem ungrateful not
to be a member of both.  In the 1980s, most of my Theosophical
support network was made up of Pasadena members; in the 90s it
has been mainly Adyar members.  Not just friendships, but also
help in my research and writing have come from both groups.
Probably there is a comparable amount of opposition to the
results from both sides as well.

2.) Confidence.  From my observation, both Grace Knoche and John
Algeo are reliable, knowledgable, hardworking, insightful,
devoted leaders whose guidance of the movement I trust.  The
Board and cabinet of the two TS's are made up of people with
similar qualities.  Thus membership is a vote of confidence in
the future of each group.

3.) Rejection of exclusivity.  I know that there are many in each
group who have a secretive and exclusive attitude toward the
other.  This is tied in to believing that "we are the TRUE TS and
have the real successorship to the Founders." Not agreeing with
this view in either case, I find dual membership a way of
supporting the inclusive aspects of each group while rejecting
the exclusive attitudes in both.

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