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Jan 13, 1995 11:36 AM
by John Tullis

> ...CWL's indiscretions, however, are not so tolerated in society,
> because they involved under aged boys.  His actions would put him
> in prison--even today.  That is why his true activities were
> never made public, and the membership was told instead that he
> advised children concerning masturbation.  ...
> I have remained vague concerning the charges against CWL out of
> courtesy to those who are not interested in being exposed to this
> kind of discussion.  I suggest that any deeper discussion on
> CWL's morality should go on to theos-roots.  I volunteered to do
> a cooperative FAQ file anyway, but no one has volunteered to co-
> write it, so I might have to do it alone.  Theos-roots would be a
> good place to work out which aspects of this issue require the
> most focus and clarification.
>Jerry Hejka-Ekins


1) What documented evidence do you have regarding CWL's sexual
actions with underage boys (author, title, publishing date).

2) What is the basis for the documented claims (sources cited in
the documentation that you have).

I think this should be addressed, because this topic area about
CWL seems to me to be a big part of the contriversy (sp?)
surrounding him.

I will send this to Theos-roots, and we will see if people can
discuss this issue there.

-John Tullis-

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