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Re: Beware of Censorship

Jan 03, 1995 11:41 AM
by LieselFD

Dear Eldon,

I agree with you that these historical discussions might as well
go on on a different part of the theos-net.  I myself would much
rather put my time into looking for solutions to problems that
face us today, since in this way we may be able to do some good
towards creating more peace & harmony in today's world.  We're
all living now & what we can or cannot do today seems to me much
more useful than to look into what happened when the TS was
young.  What we can carry forward from olden times, I think, is
our literature, some of which is, quite beautiful & idealistic, &
is as helpful today in finding solutions & pathways, as it was
when it was written.  I'm not at all in favor of scholasticism,
but for finding & using dynamic principles which can be applied
to our lives now.


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