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Re: Martin to Jerry H-E and L...

Jan 03, 1995 11:40 AM
by LieselFD

Dear Martin,

Please, pretty please, don't go any further with this.  Please
read what I just now wrote in answer to Eldon's post entitled
"Censorship".  What's happened in the past happened.  Let's just
let it stay there, in the past.  When I started out refuting Paul
about his CWL insinuations, I thought I could clear things up.  I
don't see that it's helped 1 iota.  Please leave that stuff
alone.  It's not needed.  Let's rather see what we can do now, we
the people who are Theosophists now ...  & if the dead one's are
watching over us, let's ask for their blessing, & not for a
curse.  They'll give it.

Most sincerely,

Jerry H-E,

please don't answer him. It doesn't help us. It hinders.


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