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Jan 03, 1995 12:24 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

On the subject of how to avoid repeating past mistakes in the
Theosophical movement, some contemplation over the weekend led me
to this conclusion.  In many conflict situations,
misunderstandings play a crucial role in generating hostility.
My own experience suggests that the times I feel most angry are
after I receive hostile treatment on the basis of
misunderstandings about my intentions or meaning.  By the same
token, I have witnessed the unfortunate consequences of my own
misunderstandings of others.

Implication: whenever I am personally touched by the "let's fight
about Theosophy" syndrome, objective #1 will be to identify and
uproot any misunderstandings that are impairing communication.
Only after the air is cleared in that way can a productive
dialogue ensue.

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