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Beware of Censorship

Jan 02, 1995 02:21 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Eldon Tucker

---- Regarding theos-roots and historic discussions

    If people want to put their discussion about historic
personages to the 'theos-roots' list, that's fine with me.
    I don't myself see a historic discussion of Leadbeater,
Judge, Crosby, Long, Bailey, et al as an attack on anyone nor
an attempt at being controversial. But because a discussion of
the circumstances of their lives may prove upsetting at times
to their followers, it may be best to concentrate it on a
secondary list.
    A considerable flexibility of mind is required to study
Theosophy. I'd expect Theosophists to be better at dealing
with challenges to their cherished beliefs than most people.
Sometimes I may be expecting too much.
    Historic discussion of specific individuals includes both
the good and bad traits. Claims of accurate clairvoyance,
spiritual authority from the Masters, etc. should be made
there also; these claims are just as controversial!
    I don't see this move to 'theos-roots' as a form of
censorship, where certain topics are off limits. If a subject
comes up, it can be replied to on 'theos-l'. What I see
happening is a voluntary move of lengthy historic discussions.
    We have to be careful about what we tell others they can
or cannot write about. This is a free marketplace of ideas,
and no one should impose their views either by proclaimation
nor by active suppression of opposing views. We don't want to
eventually end up with 'theos-cwl', 'theos-hpb', 'theos-gdp',
and 'theos-other'!

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