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CWL Faq -- volunteers??

Jan 02, 1995 08:45 AM
by John Mead

> to delete these discussions.  So, you have my vote.  As for the
> FAQ file--you lost me.  Do you want a couple of people from
> different points of view--say Liesel and Paul, to write an
> account of the CWL case? Also, how does one access FAQ files?
> Jerry Hejka-Ekins

It would be nice to get some thought-out summaries from the
various parties.  Otherwise, I guess I'll collect the major
points from prior posts (yuck!).  Anyone want to take the lead to
put it together? I'm not really qualified for it.  :-) we really
need a couple of history buffs who disagree with each other
(usually not hard to find!).

I was just going to add it as an archive file, maybe create
cwl-issues.txt or other.  the name of the file is kind of
irrelevent.  The file could be retrieved using the Get command
for the listserver.

peace -

john mead

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