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Re: Echoes of the Silence

Nov 07, 1994 02:54 PM
by Astrea writes:

> Yes, I'd like to incorporate passion and love in my understanding
> of spirituality too! Having been a member of the T.S.  in New
> Zealand for a good number of years seems to have only intensified
> my quest and deepened my interest in finding/applying the
> insights of theo-sophia in everyday life.  You find a lot of
> answers with the T.S, and a lot of questions as well.  That's how
> it should be, I reckon.  Beginner's mind, as buddhists call it,
> is the way to go - all the way.  A bit hard to manage sometimes,
> but it feels right.  I see you, Arthur, as a person

(a lot deleted)

> I'm very conscious of limitations in expressing, let alone
> conceiving, these thoughts.  I wish you well.
> Murray Stentiford

Thanks for the great post, Murray - no dry husks of knowledge these.

ASTREA (aka Joanne, remember?)

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