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To Art P. Re: "Silence Comments"

Nov 05, 1994 09:21 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Very briefly.  This is the Friday of the week-end I rent a car to
run 1 million errants.  Also briefly, because some of what you
write I don't understand.  But I do want to make 2 comments which
might help.

AP1 - "I would like to incorporate passion & love in my
understanding of spirituality."

LD - I was taught to meditate to certain Beethoven symphonies &
concerti.  I was given 2 sets of instructions, to do this while
thinking of Love directed from the heart chakra, and while
thinking of Beauty directed from the crown chakra, whatever I
feel fits in with the music.  After doing this for a while, it
seems to me that the 2 tend to merge, Love & Beauty, heart &
head.  I was also taught to observe myself non judgementally.
That's one teacher.

Here's my notes re a healing technique called La'a kea which I learned
from Serge Kahili King ("Urban Shaman", & workshop at Omega Institute.
Most of his other books were published by the Theosophical Publishing
House, Wheaton)

 La'a Kea (sacred light, love light)

1.  Do piko-piko 3x or more

ie breathe in while concentrating on the top of the head, breathe
out while concentrating on navel.  This is done to center
yourself, to bring up your energy level (chi, prana, mana), to
connect with the power of the universe which is all around you.

2.  Turn on the Light

Imagine yourself surrounded by, & filled with La'a kea.  (Imagine
colors, sounds, music, light, feelings, symbols, patterns,
whatever turns you on best, one or in combination)

3.  Charge the Light - generate a positive emotion.

Could be something beautiful, or stronger emotion.

4.  Assume that Light exists, & that it will beam towards
whatever you focus on.

Assume that it will follow your instructions.
You send "the Light" from the top of your head.
You can give it the following instructions:

"Harmonize this place" (immediate environment.)

"Harmonize the energies around me" when experiencing physical or
emotional distress.

"Harmonize the energies between us.  " or " Harmonize our fields"
for a difficult relationship.

"Keep this .....  in peace & harmony" To protect persons, places,
or things.

(I protect Chou chou in this way every time I leave her alone in
my apartment.  and I add the Hawaiian version of "Amen").

AP2 - you quote Calvin "the first part of knowledge of God is the
knowledge of the self." You're right.  That's exactly what's
meant by "thou hast first of self to be the knower." I go a lot
by the Hermetic axiom "As above so below." You can fathom God &
Spirit by what you perceive in yourself & around you.  Matter of
fact, I don't know of another way of finding out what we can find
out, & of guessing at the rest.

In another note you asked a few personal questions.  I'm in
Syracuse NY, which is about 4,5 hours by car North West of New
York City, and about an hour from the Canadian border.  It's
easiest to cross over to Kingston & Ontario.  Where are you?

As for my sleeping habits, I'm retired, & don't have to be to
work at 9AM.  I also don't have anyone except Chou chou to take
care of, & she's flexible, has to be to be my cat.

So I'm on a demand sleep schedule.  I get up when I wake up,
which is often in the middle of the night, & when I'm sleepy I
take a nap, which is often in the middle of the day.  There are
several regulators.  Chou chou often wakes me up around 4AM, when
she's hungry.  She tweaks my toes until I'm awake, which takes
her at least 1/2 hour, but she's persistent.  I take Tai Chi, &
Art lessons, I go to the chiropractor, & I have to be in our
dining room for dinner between 4:30 & 6.

I also want to tell you that I even though Syracuse has an active
New Age community, I don't know of another theosophist in
Syracuse, and I've lived here for 5 years now.  This is why I
enjoy theos-l etc.  so much.  But I just joined it about 2 weeks
before you came in.  I had a real dinosaur of a computer, & it
took me a whole year to get it upgraded enough to get E-mail.
I'm also trying to start a study center, but so far, I don't know
whether I'll succeed.

I also thought it would be nice if you knew about the different
theosophical societies, their names anyway, because I don't know
too much about their differences.  I belong to TS Adyar, which
has its US headquarters in Wheaton Ill., & its world headquarters
in Adyar, India.

I think the best descritpion for us is that we're "low church".
There's the ULT, the United Lodge of Theosophists, which is "high
church" (I think that description fits).  There's Pasadena, and I
haven't a clue as to how they differ.  Maybe Jerry H-E can fill
you in on that one.  Steiner you know about.  They have a
retirement community plus school plus drug store, downstate NY,
just across the NY-NJ border, which I considered joining while I
was still living in NJ (where I spent most of my life).  There's
also the Alice Bailey branch.  Maybe others I don't know about.
There's a movement among us to work together more.  I think one
of its first manifestation was a conference in New York City in
the late 1980ies on ways to propagate Theosophy.  I attended
that, because I think that even though we're all very
indivualistic, there are few enough of us that we could at least
try to work together.  I think Jerry H-E had a part in it.  I
also remember having a very warm conversation with an elderly
gentleman from the ULT, during which we both expressed the
sentiment that we could really work together a lot better & more
easily than we do.  I learned a lot at that conference.

One of the offshoots of trying to unify that I know about is Dick
Slusser's "High Country Theosophist".  It comes out every month.
If you're interested in getting it, send $7.- to Dick Slusser,
140 S 33rd St.  Boulder Co.  80303.  He himself is a member of
several factions, & he prints up a variety of interesting
material.  As part of the HCT, he started something he called
"Project Outreach".  I am a member of it.  The idea is to
correspond with third world theosophical study groups, & help
them with information.  I correspond with the head of a group in
Africa, & 1 in Russia.  We'd intended to answer questions, but
they're more interested in getting books to study from.  So
that's what we're sending, besides letters.  My pride & joy is
that there's a little 1 year-old girl in Zambia called Liesel
Tembo.  The Russians are interested in Jung, so I've been sending
his works of late.

A moot question.  Did you ever get my fisrt missive to you, in
which I listed all the resources available in the Adyar branch?

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