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principles again.....

Nov 07, 1994 02:53 PM

To Jerry H-E,

Back to the seven principles.....

Pranayama is an exercise of the breath which has as
its objective the control and expansion of the life
force. How exactly does this happen and what is the
relationship of the principle PRANA to the prana which
yogis speak of? The principles have been called by
other names such as: bodies or sheaths. What takes
place in these principles/bodies when the process
spoken of in The Voice of the Silence is experienced,
and how are the planets we see in orbit related to
this experience and the principles? You mentioned a
meditation in a past communication, one which assisted
chelas or students to develop control of their emotions
and desires. Could you speak a bit more about this.

I have been out of town for awhile and was very glad
to see you're still here...............Sarah...

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