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science/religion/theosophy - clarification

Nov 07, 1994 02:52 PM

Martin Euser writes:

> Thanks for your interest in discussing Theosophy and science,etc.
> (John, Jerry, others?). Especially thanks to John Mead for taking
> the trouble to compile his booklist and his willingness to share
> his knowledge with others.
> Thanks to Murray Stentiford for forwarding John's message.
> ...
> What I like to propose for a start is discussing Hodson's research
> I understand that John had a part in this.
> ...
> (especially John: do you want to present some of Hodson's and your
> findings?)

Martin, I don't know what John may have sent you off the list, on
this subject, but a reference to Hodson research and a booklist
were in a message originated by me.  Perhaps the message had to
be forwarded by John.  I recall I had a case of a message that
wasn't received properly by the list server around that time, and
I asked John to help.  The problem seemed to be that I had the
word "from" in the first line of the message, which I now abstain
from doing!

I haven't forwarded any message from John on this subject.

I'll respond on the topic when this is clarified.

Thanks, John, for your help and support.

Murray Stentiford

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