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Re: Don't resist evil, reply to Sarah.

Aug 29, 1994 07:07 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Sarah, you wrote...

> Another angle at the "do not resist evil" is that in
> modern language one could say: Do not react to pro-
> vocation with angry emotion. I believe that the say-
> ings in the bible only penetrate the surface of what
> was being discussed at the time. Another reference to
> this interaction between our behavior and outer in-
> justice can be found in the I Ching, Hex. 33, Retreat.
> The Image states:
>          "Mountain under heaven: the image of RETREAT.
>          Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man
>             at a distance,
>          Not angrily but with reserve.
> The mountain rises up under heaven, but owing to its
> nature it finally comes to a stop. Heaven on the other
> hand retreats upward before it into the distance and
> remains out of reach. This symbolizes the behavior of
> the superior man toward a climbing inferior; he re-
> treats into his own thoughts as the inferior man comes
> forward. He does not hate him, for hatred is a form of
> subjective involvement by which we are bound to the
> hated object. The superior man shows strength (heaven)
> in that he brings the inferior man to a standstill
> (mountain) by his dignified reserve."

I'm sorry, I can't agree with you in this matter.  You are right
in your examples, but they don't illustrate the same point I was
referring to.

Do not get angry is the first of Jesus's new advice.  It is
different from "not to resist evil".  Secondly, inferior man is
not necessary evil.  Evil is a principle that things and beings
manifest.  It has nothing to do of inferior and superior, it
depends how you take it, sometimes evil may appear superior.  And
thirdly Jesus advice us, not to detach from evil, but the
contrary, face it and to assimilate it, I think.

One aspect in "not to resist evil" is that the evil is the
consequence, its cause in the first place was our bad deeds.
This is karma's simplified version.

But I feel that this "not to resist evil" has something inside.
Because it is so much against our normal logic and behaviour.  I
have heard that modern institutionalised christianity regard
these commandments good, but impractical, unfit for our time.  I
found it amusing, they say that they are followers of the Christ,
but they don't take his more difficult teachings seriously.
Usually they remember that a man is a ruler of all earth,
animals, nature, etc.  by the justification from God.

But I agree with you, that the Bible is far from being accurate.
I think it is because of the fact, that is has been re-written,
modified and translated by unenlightened people.  But if somebody
who have the patience to dig deeper into its esoteric meanings,
may find something.  I don't know.  My experience is mainly
second hand biblical knowledge, based on some theosophist
explanations.  Kind of instant Bible-insight.  It is same with
our national epoch "Kalevala", I can't find any deeper meanings
without theosophical explanations from our theosophical
researchers.  Peace.  aki.

Oulu, Finland.

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