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Re: Some responses

Aug 29, 1994 06:59 AM
by RIhle

Jerry S.,

I liked the "finger-pointing-at-the-moon analogies, both yours
and Eldon's.  My third-grade teacher had a good one too, which,
in slightly modified form, has kept me on track in theosophy:
"Remember, when you point your finger, three other fingers are
[should be] pointing back at you.

Regarding MASTERS REVEALED etc., you write:
<"HPB always admitted that her Masters were human flesh and blood
men.  However, she also said that there were Nirmanakayas lurking
around the astral.  .  .  .  Anyway, it is very likely that HBP
communicated with both embodied and disembodied Masters so I
can't really see where Paul's book will change much.  .  .  .>

I would have to agree that the book won't be so significant if,
after all if Paul's superfine work to try to identify Morya and
Koot-humi as actual, historical, "flesh-and-blood men,
Theosophists immediately start saying that M and K-H really
weren't the Ones who really gave HPB the important Guidance
anyway.  Yes, Paul is going to be very angry when he finds out
he's got to start tracking down the *Fully* Disembodied Ones now
as well.  .  .  .

(I'm pretty sure though, Jerry, this was not actually your
attitude or intention in the post.)

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

p.s.  The book, $16.95+, can be ordered from CUP Services, (800)
666-2211 (The book is great, I'm not kidding--and I wouldn't be
saying this just for the 15% he is giving me.  .  .  .)

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