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Re: Some responses

Aug 29, 1994 08:59 AM
by RIhle

Jerry S.,

I liked the "finger-pointing-at-the-moon" analogies, both yours
and Eldon's.  My third-grade teacher had a good one too, which,
in slightly modified form, has kept me on track in theosophy:
"Remember, when you point your finger, three other fingers are
[should be] pointing back at you."

Regarding MASTERS REVEALED etc., you write: <"HPB always admitted
that her Masters were human flesh and blood men.  However, she
also said that there were Nirmanakayas lurking around the astral.
.  .  .  Anyway, it is very likely that HBP communicated with
both embodied and disembodied Masters so I can't really see where
Paul's book will change much.  .  .  .">

I would have to agree that the book won't be so significant if,
after all Paul's superfine work to try to identify Morya and
Koot-Humi as actual, historical, "flesh-and-blood" men,
Theosophists suddenly start saying that M and K-H really weren't
the Ones who really gave HPB the important Guidance anyway.  Yes,
Paul is going to be *very* angry when he finds out he's got to
start tracking down the *Fully* Disembodied Ones now as well.  .
.  .

(I'm pretty sure though, Jerry, that your post was merely a
just-in-passing remark and that you did not intend all this.)

Warm regards,

Richard Ihle

p.s.  The book, $16.95+, can be ordered from CUP Services, (800)
666-2211 (The book is great, I'm not kidding--and I wouldn't be
just saying this for the 15% he is giving me, either.  .  .  .)

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