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Re: Explain This Please

Aug 23, 1994 09:21 AM

Paul wrote:
> My explanation for this is that in my most recent life I was
> French and lived through the occupation.  But this flies in the
> face of HPB's preachments about 1500 year intervals between
> lives (which in itself doesn't bother me) and falls into the
> category of unhealthy ways of thinking.  I mean, to excuse your
> personal weirdness as being caused by imagined past lives is a
> pretty dangerous road to follow far.  During a year or so in 91
> when I recorded dreams there were lots about going back to
> France but none that I recall on other places repeatedly.

I thought HPB said that was a "general" rule and that there were many
variables. One could be the shortening of a life by war. Another the
karmic reward for sacraficing oneself at an early age may warrant an
early rebirth in more favorable circumstances.

It doesn't seem "unhealthy" to me to want to understand oneself.  "Man
know thyself," is an important occult axiom.  I read with much interest
the works of Brian Weiss, a psychotherapist, who inadvertently stubbled
upon past life experiences in a patient while trying to help her, and
discovered its currative effects.

If you accept the notion of an ordered universe with laws that operate
in a benign manner then what better explanations could you hope to
discover than those your intution has already lead you to?


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