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astrological ethics

Aug 20, 1994 11:05 AM

To Lewis Lucas,

You quote: "The wise man rules his stars, the fool
is ruled by them."  If this be true, then there are
many fools among the Theosophists.  In most cases
the foolishness is a controversy over the whereabouts
of the REAL Theosophical teachings and who is the REAL
teacher to be respected. Many Theosophists have a pre-
ference as far as a teacher or teachings go, and some
change camps over a period of time. The oppositions in
the T.S. scope reveal this tendency to form factions
one against the other. We need only look back a few
days ago to see the "pushing and pulling" going on here
on theos-l. Planetary oppositions are an impetus for
AWARENESS of different perspectives, however in the
case of an ELECTIONAL or EVENT horoscope it is the Moon
and her aspects that indicate the possibility of
longevity. Although some astrologers note that the
predominance of fixed signs keep the Society in exis-
tence and that the dynamic of the planetary opposition
holds things together, I submit that these factors
alone have little power without the constant involve-
ment of a Moon, which in the case of the T.S. is far
from "void of course."  Take a look-- at the time
chosen to launch the Theosophical Society, the Moon
makes a major aspect with every planet before it leaves
the sign it occupies. This is quite remarkable! I know
an astrologer that charges $1000 to set up election horo-
scopes. She informed me that the more aspects the Moon
makes the better. In the T.S. case, the five squares
that the Moon makes reveal the propensity toward inner
turmoil and struggle for transformation. The oppositions
bring the conflicts into the light of day. The Moon
representing the emotional rapport with existential
circumstances is the glue which keeps the Society bound
together. The Society will draw those of strong emotional
passions. When the time comes to modify the emotional
charge behind Theosophical thought we will perhaps see
a new order and horoscope for it's participants. The
T.S. horoscope as it stands now is a reflection of its
present needs. Why assume these needs will always remain
the same?  Doesn't Theosophy teach us the evolution of

Concerning midpoints:

Planets vibrate and have frequency patterns. The inter-
sections of these waves are the midpoints or standing
waves. They become emphasized with a third "body"
occupying that midpoint between the two frequencies.
This can either be a natal planet, a transit station,
or progressed planet. It is the vibratory rate and it's
combined or complex structure which indicates the intel-
legence opting for expression.

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