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Explain This Please

Aug 20, 1994 07:33 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

I have a sorta weird personal "occult phenomenon" I don't
understand and am asking for interpretations or advice.  It has
to do with past-life overlay of my present consciousness.

Here's the story.  I've been in Germany once, in France four
times, and in several other countries where I've encountered
French and German people.  Instinctively, I fear the German
people, trust the French, feel uncomfortable in German cities
or countryside, but right at home in France.  But more striking
is a visceral reaction of comfort and pleasure when hearing
French spoken, and feeling frightened, angry and hostile at the
sound of German.

There are no present-life connections with German or French
people that explain this, and no heavy childhood programming I
can remember.  My brother does not share this, and my parents'
generation was really more anti-Japanese in sentiment during
the war.

Hearing German tourists in Uxmal, Yucatan of all places, I was
overwhelmed with this visceral sense of "why are these people
here ruining my experience?"  Yet immediately felt ashamed of
these rushes of hatred for innocent people.  On a one to one
basis I am fine with German people speaking English.  It's
hearing them speak German that pushes some button.

My explanation for this is that in my most recent life I was
French and lived through the occupation.  But this flies in the
face of HPB's preachments about 1500 year intervals between
lives (which in itself doesn't bother me) and falls into the
category of unhealthy ways of thinking.  I mean, to excuse your
personal weirdness as being caused by imagined past lives is a
pretty dangerous road to follow far.  During a year or so in 91
when I recorded dreams there were lots about going back to
France but none that I recall on other places repeatedly.

What does anyone think?  Should I try to heal this past
whatever-it-is or just drop the subject?

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