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Re: Explain This Please

Aug 20, 1994 01:13 PM
by bill

Hi all,

        With all of the "interesting discussions" going on here re-
     cently I find myself thinking about one of the three objects.
     You know the one ... the one about " ... forming a Universal
     Brotherhood of Man ... " ;-)

        Anyway, in all seriousness, a part of one of K. Paul Johnson's
     posts caught my interest recently.

> ...
> My explanation for this is that in my most recent life I was
> French and lived through the occupation.  But this flies in the
> face of HPB's preachments about 1500 year intervals between
> lives ...

        As I said in my introduction post, along with theosophy I
     study the work of Robert Monroe.  Now Monroe is not theosoph-
     ically-oriented by any stretch of the imagination but he has been
     doing some research during his out-of-body experiences (which is
     what he is fairly famous for) about what happens to a person's
     consciousness (their being?)  after the death experience.  In
     fact, he has recently written a fascinating book about the
     results of some of this research called _Ultimate_Journey_.

        The only reason that I bring Monroe up here is that I have no-
     ticed *a lot* of similarities between some of Monroe's findings
     and some of theosophy's teachings (what I understand of it
     without a theosophical dictionary ;-) ) about the bodies of man.
     Even though _The_Quest_ wouldn't publish my article on this sub-
     ject, there might be enough similarity to justify a book compar-
     ing the two.  Maybe I can attempt such a project when I'm done
     with my current writing project.

        Anyway,  Monroe doesn't mention any time limit between incar-
     nations at all.  It seems that those that are in the beginning
     phases of their cycles through the Earth experience sort of just
     get back in line and wait their turn for their next Earth experi-
     ence that best suits their karma.  Those that are a little more
     advanced sort of take a rest between cycles and think about what
     they want to do next before heading in for their next Earth ex-

        As another example, my wife has a friend who had an interest-
     ing experience that sort of causes one to wonder about that 1500
     year period also.  It seems that this woman had a dream that she
     was lying in a grassy field underneath a tree.  As hard as she
     tried though, she couldn't get up.  She tried yelling to get
     someones attention and found she couldn't speak either.  Then she
     saw a small oriental child approaching her cautiously.  She tried
     to get the child's attention to help her but still couldn't move.
     The child slowly leaned over her and appeared to be looking in
     her face when he grabbed something, turned, and ran away.  She
     then felt herself rising up into the sky and the dream ended.

        Not so long ago this woman made an appointment with a new doc-
     tor.  Upon meeting the doctor for the first time she found him to
     be of oriental (Korean?) descent.  Upon meeting the doctor, and
     looking at his eyes, she had the strangest feeling that she had
     met him before.  But he assured her that they hadn't.  On the way
     home she remembered the dream and came to the conclusion that
     they were the eyes of the small child in that dream.  On their
     next meeting she related the dream to the doctor at which point
     he became very silent, said very little else, and quickly ended
     the appointment.

        My wife's friend says that the doctor told her the following a
     little later.  It seems that as a young child the doctor was
     wondering through a field one day when he cam upon several dead
     soldiers.  He came up to one of the soldier's bodies and saw a
     chocolate bar sticking out of a pocket.  The doctor leaned over
     the body, quickly grabbed the chocolate bar, jumped up, and ran
     away.  The doctor even told her that, at the time, he felt so bad
     about what he had done that he never even ate the candy and just
     threw it away.

        Now when I heard this story, I guess I assumed the Korean war.
     The Korean war wasn't all that long ago.  And, since this woman
     is in her mid thirties, she was born into this incarnation in the
     mid fifties, she didn't have to wait very long at all.  Certainly
     not 1500 years.

>   ... (which in itself doesn't bother me) and falls into the
> category of unhealthy ways of thinking.  I mean, to excuse your
> personal weirdness as being caused by imagined past lives is a
> pretty dangerous road to follow far ...

        I am sorta' of the mind that there is no "personal weirdness."
     If you take the concept of karma (where's that theosophical dic-
     tionary ...  it's gotta' be here somewhere ... <shuffle>, <shuf-
     fle>, <rattle> ... I can't find it! Arrrrgg ... :-) ) into ac-
     count, you are born into that situation that will provide you
     with the best possibility of having those experiences that you
     require to help you along the path that is best suited to your
     personal growth -- even to the point of giving you any "personal
     weirdness" that will help.

>                                   ... During a year or so in 91
> when I recorded dreams there were lots about going back to
> France but none that I recall on other places repeatedly ...

        I just wanted to say here that I have my own "personal weird-
     ness" about the importance of dreams.  I kept a dream journal for
     a while too and, although I haven't gotten anything useful out of
     the dreams yet, I keep the journal around.  This is just in case
     I get out of my "lazy" mode and want to start recording again and
     also in the hope that during some later re-reading, I will gain
     some useful insight from them.  Just my $0.02 worth.

> ...
> What does anyone think?  Should I try to heal this past
> whatever-it-is or just drop the subject?

        There are those people that would suggest that you try to heal
     your past problems.  There are those people that would suggest
     that you try to learn something from those past experiences so
     that you can use them to grow in this incarnation.  Whatever you
     do I don't think you should ignore the feelings and do nothing --
     I don't think you should "just drop the subject."  Try to find
     some way to make some use of it and do something positive in this

        I really thought this was going to be a short one.  I think I
     should take a "concise writing" class.  Oh well.  It was just
     some thoughts I wanted to pass on to everyone.  May you always
     grok in fullness ...

    ...who has heard death defined as "to stop sinning suddenly."

|William A. (Bill) Parrette|4000 Executive Pk. Dr., #310
|bill@[Zeus.]      |Cincinnati, OH 45241-4007

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