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7 year cycle

Aug 23, 1994 09:53 AM

Richard wrote:

> Now, I have an astrological question for you (or anyone):
> Is there any significator (transiting planet or something) which
> operates in a regular, seven-year fashion (hits a natal position or
> something every seven years)? If there is, could there be anything
> associated with it which would cause its effects to be noticed at the
> mid-point of its cycle?

Saturn has approx.  a 28 year cycle which is often divided into 4
periods of seven denoting the points in its cycle when it reaches the
squares (90 degrees from its original position), the opposition at 180
and the conjunction or return.  This cycle has been related to the old
7 years of bad luck/good luck.  The rise and fall of Saturn as it moves
around the natal chart from nadir (the bottom of the chart, 4th house)
to the midheaven (the top of the chart, 10th house) is often used in
predicative astrology to indicate the "fate" of the client in his
worldly affairs.

There is another system in astrology which specifically refers to
"midpoints" and is based on the midpoint between two planets.  It is
said to be very accurate for pridictive astrology and is based on the
90 and 45 degree angles.  These aspects are said to be "difficult" so
tend to indicated significant events in a life.  We don't usually pay
much attention to our good fortune (karma).:)

I hesitate to say much more.  My ignorance being so near the surface!
Thank you for your kind words.


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