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Re: ethics again...

Aug 19, 1994 02:11 PM
by Astrea writes:

>         I hope the humor is appreciated -- it just seemed like a
>      wonderfully intriguing concept.  Imagine the unsuspecting busi-
>      ness man, settling down into his hotel room,  opening a drawer
>      and finding _The_Holy_Bible_, _The_Book_of_Mormon_, and
>      _The_Secret_Doctrine_!  Which do you think he would pick up and
>      look at?
>         The idea just made me smile. ;-)

This might also make you smile.  I was in Ulaan Bataar in the Republic
on business a couple of years ago, and was staying in one of their
State guest houses.  I had taken a copy of HPB's abridged SD to while
away those long Mongolian nights (there's nothing much to do there,
unless you drink Airak ;-) I decided to tuck it away in the small
cabinet beside the bed, like a time-bomb, waiting for the right person
to find it.

(I am not making this up - as Dave Barry says)

Saw a nice and little-known original Roerich while I was there too -
the King of Shamballah riding out over some yurts on the steppe,
reflecting a tale which was being told below to a circle of listeners.


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