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Re: ethics again...

Aug 19, 1994 12:16 PM
by bill

Hi all,

        Sarah wrote:

[ ... snip ... ]
>                     ... Will the Secret Doctrine be in
> all motel rooms??? ...

        Actually (with a sly grin on my face), the Mormons are start-
     ing to do it -- I found a copy of The Book of Mormon in a drawer
     during my last stay in a hotel.  Maybe (with a sly wink) we
     should consider it too!  But don't forget, the reader will un-
     doubtable need a theosophical dictionary too (trying unsuccess-
     fully to stop laughing).

        I hope the humor is appreciated -- it just seemed like a
     wonderfully intriguing concept.  Imagine the unsuspecting busi-
     ness man, settling down into his hotel room,  opening a drawer
     and finding _The_Holy_Bible_, _The_Book_of_Mormon_, and
     _The_Secret_Doctrine_!  Which do you think he would pick up and
     look at?

        The idea just made me smile. ;-)

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