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Nethercot on Judge

Aug 19, 1994 12:17 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

I have gone through 2 volumes of ODL looking for references to
the letter in which AB was warned of an assassination plot.
Found nothing, but going back to Nethercot there are some clues
which suggest that he had more than Marvin Williams to base his
account on:

Judge was determined to keep the Colonel and Annie apart as
long as he possibly could.  She therefore received a Mahatma
letter by post, warning her that if she went to India Olcott
was planning to poison her, and suggesting that she come to
America instead, since there were important matters to be
discussed there, including a charge of sexual immorality
against Olcott.  (p. 29)

Nethercot lists his secondary sources for the chapter, but
since he worked at Adyar during his research it leaves open the
possibility of actually seeing the letter.  Perhaps if he is
still living he could answer the question.

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