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Re: ethics again...

Aug 19, 1994 09:25 AM

Sarah wrote:
> ladder of Spiritual success. Anyway, I think there will
> always be contention in the ranks as long as there are
> so many planetary oppositions in the TS horoscope. Why
> not dissolve the old Society and start a new one? It's
> going to happen eventually anyway. Will HPB be remember-
> ed 2000 years from now? Will the Secret Doctrine be in
> all motel rooms???
An early astrology teacher of mine brought the class several charts and
asked us to try interpreting them.  Most will filled with "bad"
aspects...oppositions, squares, badly afflicted planets, etc.  We
quickly surmized this must be the charts of some of histories worst
criminals and were surprised that several were actually revered saints,
philosophers, philanthropist, etc.

Here point and mine here is that "The wise man rules his stars, the
fool is ruled by them."

To put it in another way I recall an article by then President Jimmy
Carter on the topic of his religious views vs his obligations as a
President.  The interview thought there must be conflicts between his
professed Born Again Christian beliefs and his actual choices as
President.  He used an anology of the action of the pushing and pulling
on the wheels by the old steam locomotives.  It was this pushing and
pulling that moved the engine down the track.

Yes, there may always be a lot of back and forth in the TS as indicated
by the configurations you site, but they may be the dynamic which moves
the organization along.


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