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ethics again...

Aug 15, 1994 08:35 PM

Hi all!

Just thought I would mention that transiting Pluto has
just recently stationed on the Sun of the TS horoscope.
Some may not consider the Nov. 17, 1875 chart to be
valid, however the current heated discussion concerning
ethics, magic and sexual practices, curiously fits into
5th house (sex outside of the bonds of marriage and
children) and Scorpio meanings. Consider the meanings of
Pluto as well; transcendence vs. degeneration!

I myself cannot understand how ethics can be divorced
from the True Spiritual Way, as Spiritual Beings are
always being described by their capacity to overcome
the passions that more ordinary folks struggle with. I
have yet to hear (although I might now) that K.H. or M.
had strange sexual habits. I also recall hearing and
reading that H.P.B. claimed that celebacy was an essen-
tial practice for those most seriously climbing the
ladder of Spiritual success. Anyway, I think there will
always be contention in the ranks as long as there are
so many planetary oppositions in the TS horoscope. Why
not dissolve the old Society and start a new one? It's
going to happen eventually anyway. Will HPB be remember-
ed 2000 years from now? Will the Secret Doctrine be in
all motel rooms???

Just thinking,  Sarah...

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