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Aug 15, 1994 06:20 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda.

The freedom that I am discussing is the freedom to read and think
pure thoughts.  Probably most of what C.W.L. wrote, which is nearly
all concerning the path of adeptship, is better and more easily
cognized than what Jerry has been saying regarding this man's

I don't think that it is fair or just for anyone to have the right
to "impose something wrong" on people's consciousnesses which has
no relation to what they are doing and has no lesson to teach.
What is it you are trying to accomplish by singly out one
individual's supposed wrongdoing?  Is this supposed to be a
statement against and discouragement to celibacy?  Are you trying
to convey that this type of behavior lies in everyone's future?  Do
you realize that there are those who imitate "greatness" and could
become prone to similar activities in their lives?  Wouldn't this
story be better left untold?

I personally have very little interest in gossip and if I do not
have first-hand involvement in a criminal or moral dilemma, I have
no right to judge.  These types of matters are better left to
courts as well as to karma.

Please don't impose wrongdoing on the people in this group.

Thank you.

Let me leave you with a beautiful decree.

Oh, "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence" in the Great Central Sun!
Forgive it, and in Thy Mercy blaze the Violet Consuming Flame
through it!  Take it out of the Universe swiftly, so it cannot
touch any other part of Life; and let no more of anything exist
that dishonors God or desecrates the Beauty that is within the
Light, which is ever offering Itself through Love into my outer use
and manifestation!

P.S.  I think Paul's first message today got cut off.  Would you,
Paul, like to resubmit it?

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