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Re: Re: ethics again...

Aug 19, 1994 04:26 PM
by RIhle


I thought your two illustrations were extremely apt and good.  I had
not thought of it before you said so, but perhaps all the internal
strife, tension etc.  really has been a reason that the TS has kept
going so long.

Now, I have an astrological question for you (or anyone):

Is there any significator (transiting planet or something) which
operates in a regular, seven-year fashion (hits a natal position or
something every seven years)? If there is, could there be anything
associated with it which would cause its effects to be noticed at the
mid-point of its cycle?

(I am just trying to collect a little "collateral material," if I can,
for something called "Psychomaturation and the Doctrine of Seven-Year
Cycles." --Another big seller for me, I'm sure.  .  .  .)

Thanks again, Lewis, for the illustrative stories.

Richard Ihle

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