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Re: History and Controversy

Aug 18, 1994 10:50 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

Aki Korhonen <> writes:

> If us, the theosophists, can't work together and tolerate each
> others, how we can speak about the Universal Brotherhood of
> all Mankind?

May I recommend that you try to obtain copies of the Theosophical
History Journal.  This excellent publication, started in the UK but now
(I hear) continuing in the USA, offers a forum for professional and
amateur researchers to share sometimes controversial aspects of the
history of the theosophical movements.  I am particularly grateful to
them for publishing the full text of the last letter by a Mahatma to
Annie Besant -- one which I am sure neither AB nor Judge would ever
have dared to forge! (I'm not intending to imply that either of them
did this at all.)

Paul Gillingwater

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