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Re: History and Controversy

Aug 18, 1994 03:56 AM
by Aki Korhonen

On Wed, 17 Aug 1994, Michael W. Grenier wrote:

> >Next up according to this
> >hypothesis should be the Judge case.  We may not live long
> >enough to see people rationally discuss Leadbeater.
> Actually, I'm very interested in the Judge case. If people
> are afraid to discuss it here, perhaps someone could send me
> via personal email a little history of what caused the
> the break with TS. A history of the formation of Point Loma
> would be useful too.
> I personally hold Judge in the highest esteem and would like
> to learn more.
>     -Mike Grenier
> ----

Yes, me too. ( learn more)

I live in Finland, in a periferia of the Globe.  I have only recently
joined the Theosophical Society, Adyar, section, and I'm quite un-aware
what is the burden of history in TS.  But I would prefer that we would
concentrate to work in union, instead of digging up past
misunderstandings.  Anyway, I'm of the new generation, who hasn't been
living of those past times, so maybe I'm missing something.

If us, the theosophists, can't work together and tolerate
each others, how we can speak about the Universal Brotherhood
of all Mankind?

For my sympathy to a group or another these discussions have not
affected at all, I take those things as something which maybe has
happened maybe not.  Now we have more urgent matters to deal with, I
think.  Peace.  Bliss.

   aki. Oulu, Finland.

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