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Re: History and Controversy

Aug 18, 1994 12:37 PM
by Astrea

Aki Korhonen <> writes:

> joined the Theosophical Society, Adyar, section, and I'm quite
> un-aware what is the burden of history in TS. But I would
> prefer that we would concentrate to work in union, instead
> of digging up past misunderstandings. Anyway, I'm of the new
> generation, who hasn't been living of those past times, so
> maybe I'm missing something.

I find it very interesting.  I don't think an interest in TS history
need divide us.  We should realize that we will probably never know the
whole truth.  The most important thing is what we are doing with our
own lives.  But we should be aware of the karma of the organization to
which we belong, and the various thought currents which are still
affecting it.


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