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education; values

Aug 13, 1994 01:53 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     You have what could be a very exciting quest going here.  I
     have always felt that education is the most important thing
     organizations working for the theosophical movement could be
     doing.  Therefore I would suggest that you begin this
     discussion among theosophist-educators in *all* of the
     Organizations and make this a joint
     inter-theosophical-organizational project.  I feel that the
     project is too important to be engineered and controlled by a
     single Theosophical organization.  All of the Theosophical
     Organizations have practical experience in education and have
     much to contribute from the perspectives of their various
     theosophical traditions.  I also would want to include the
     Anthroposophical Society's Waldorf schools also.  Of all of
     the schools that have been set up for "theosophical
     education," they are best known for the practical application
     of theosophical principles.

     Returning to the original issue in my last post: I would like
     to see an open discussion generated here concerning what is
     "theosophical" and what is a "theosophical principle." To kick
     off such a discussion, I have the following observations:

     For education to be "theosophical" it would have to be
     characterized as being in harmony with nature.  Therefore one
     would need to look into the issues concerning ethics, and work
     towards a system of universal ethics.  The closer we come to
     developing and teaching a program of universal ethics, the
     more "theosophical" an educational system would be.  Thus, I
     suggest that one example of a theosophical principle would be
     "universal ethics."

     Enough for now.

Jerry S:

JS> As to personalities, I use the rule "by their fruits you
> shall know them."  I don't especially care what Leadbeater was
> supposed to have said to so and so, or what his sexual
> preferences were, or that HPB is said to have smoked, used
> drugs, cussed, and traveled for weeks at a time across the
> continents in the company of several men.  I prefer to read
> their works and judge them by that alone.

     I both agree with and at the same time am a bit disturbed by
     your response here.  Judging by your messages over the years
     on e-mail, I see you as a peaceful and tolerant person who
     would not want to bring harm upon anyone.  Whether your
     neighbor is sleeping with a friend; is straight or gay, is
     into S & M, likes kinky sex etc., I think we both agree is a
     matter best left alone.  Myself, I would consider these
     matters to be none of my business.  However, if the victims of
     these sexual activities are 12 and 13 year old children, I
     become very concerned.  I find it hard to believe that
     regardless of the "spiritual quality" of one's writings, you
     would still find them inspiring if you discovered that that
     same author was molesting your own children.  This was exactly
     the situation of the parents who made a formal complaint
     against Leadbeater.

     When you write: "Leadbeater was supposed to have said so and
     so..." you make it sound like this is all a matter of repeated
     third hand information, with no bases in fact.  On the
     contrary, Leadbeater's confessions were made at a formal
     meeting of inquiry, specifically convened for the purpose of
     looking into the allegations made against him by the
     children's parents.  The assembly consisted of Col.  Olcott
     and elected General Secretaries from the different sections.
     The proceedings were all taken down by a legal stenographer.
     There is a world of difference between information documented
     by a stenographer at an official meeting, and information
     picked up through the gossip mill.

     When Besant finally brought Leadbeater back into theosophical
     work through the E.S., she let the membership know that the
     charges against Leadbeater was; advising children concerning
     masturbation.  This was still a shocking allegation for the
     time (but not as shocking as to what he actually confessed
     to).  Though our views concerning masturbation have changed
     since that time, I don't believe the central issue has: Would
     you be comfortable with having a person outside of your family
     give sexual advice of any kind to your child, and then make
     the child swear not to tell you about that advice, or that
     they are even being advised? This was exactly the situation
     the parents of these "Leadbeater children" found themselves

     If I were a parent of one of those children, I think I would
     have reacted much the same as they did: except I might have
     also called in the police as well as complained to the T.S.
     If you are trying to tell us that you would have allowed such
     a thing to go on without interfering, then I feel for your


Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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