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Leadbeater is okay by me

Aug 13, 1994 07:25 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Jerry H-E,

I object to your constant badgering of C.W.  Leadbeater on the
network.  You refuse to let anyone even voice a positive comment
without blurting out some history that you feel inclined to put
value on.

I am sure that I also don't measure up to your expectations of
greatness.  What we are saying is that the man had a voice in the
theosophical movement and by his work has contributed to both our
understanding and love for theosophy.  We wish to be able to say so
and to speak in reference to his writing without your "pulling
slander out of your hat." This is just plain black magic as people
are not allowed their freedom.  It is our freedom in exchange for

I totally disagree with your and April's ideas regarding ethics.
Ethics never made any sense to me whatsoever out of the context of
its place in treading the path.  Without the path, I am sure that I
would never have become vegetarian, alcohol-free, etc.  You seem to
want to convince every- one of the value of ethics without really
having a feel for the place of ethics in the scheme of things.
Many lessons that we learn are more valuable to us in a sense
beyond the realm of ethics.  The path is beyond the realm of
ethics.  Your dogmatic clinging to ethics really turns me off and I
see no place for it in theosophy.  It reminds me of the dark ages
and witch hunts and not at all of a liberal's view regarding what
is becoming accomplished by any individual life and its intrinsic
worth.  I hope you don't mind my saying that I don't see anything
wrong with what Leadbeater did, because I don't fully understand or
profess to know what anyone else's (or my own for that matter) life
is about.  Please here me again.  I don't see anything wrong with
what Leadbeater did with his life and you can write (but please
don't) hundreds of similar type messages and I never will.  Won't
you give up and go on to more meaningful topics.

Please ease up on your personal views and give other people some
freedom here.  Don't you feel even a little bit unbrotherly? If not
to Leadbeater, then to us?

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