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Historic Forces that Affect our Lives

Aug 13, 1994 08:36 PM

This is from Eldon Tucker.

     It's important to be aware of history, lest it repeat itself.
Consider the horrors of Nazi Germany. World War I was "the war to
end all wars," yet we still had World War II. When things appear to
get better in the world, it does not mean that human evil has come
to any end, but rather that it is just in subsidence. We have to be
ever-vigilant to see that prevent the reemergence of the dark side
of human nature.
     In World War II, Theosophy had to go underground in Germany.
Mary Linne and Emile Haerter had translated The Secret Doctrine
into German. Their translation was burned and they were jailed.
After the war, it was translated again.
     Following is a translation of an interesting letter from that
time period:


Theosophical Society, "Branch Dresden"
Dresden, July 31, 1937

Dear Member:

     We regret having to inform you that from this day on the
Theosophical Society, Branch Dresden, has been dissolved by the
Secret State Police (Gestapo), Berlin. This decree concurrently
affects other similar associations as well.
     The planned excursion on August 1 can't therefore take place.
     All books which were lent from the Library *must be* rendered
to me *immediately.* (Dr. A., Schnorrstr, 27 Eg.)
     The property of the T.S., Branch Dresden, will be confiscated
in order to serve other charitable purposes.
     We also have to make you aware of it, that every attempt being
made to continue with the Organization in one way or the other,
respectively trying to establish a new organization, is liable to
     Thanks to all members for their collaboration, best wishes and
theosophical greetings,
     (signed) Liesel Wehlitz, Secretary


     We live in turbulent times. Political or religious forces to
repress the freedom of thought have arisen before in but a few
years to grip a country. Even with computers, allowing the free
interchange of ideas, the technology can be turned against freedom
of thought. Encrypted messages could be made illegal, punishable by
law, and the government could review and censor email, if it were
so inclined.
     I'm not suggesting that this is necessarily on the horizon,
but it could happen, and has happened quickly in the past.
     The Teachings which we are privileged to study are something
that could easily become a target for suppression, as they have
been suppressed at various times throughout the ages, forcing us to
go underground, like the Masons or Rosicrucians did in the past.
     Let's feel grateful for the freedom that we have. We can
profess a belief in Theosophy, and study and teach it openly. This
is something that we cannot always take for granted. Life moves in
unexpected ways, not always according to our expectations. And the
forces that shape nations and change the face of the world are not
only beyond our control, but often unpredictable as well.

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