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Re: A Good Response Needed

Aug 13, 1994 10:50 AM

    I answer with some trepidation that my reponse is not a "good"
    one, but my opinion is that belief in the Masters is not
    considered a prerequisite of membership.  That many would find
    the existence of an advanced group secretly engaged in
    influencing and directing people and events for the purpose of
    awakening humanity to its unrecognized (and for the most part
    latent) potential a concept which they could ascribe to does
    not surprise me.

    It is surprising to me that after even a cursory exploration of
    the concepts of theosophy members would still find such a
    notion improbable.  The theosophy I have explored tells of an
    ordered universe full of purpose and meaning for each
    individual no matter how insignifcant one may feel in its
    vastness.  One ruled by laws and justice with compassion.

    That there may be those far in advance of others willing to
    teach, provide direction and even protection within clearly
    defined laws of nature--which anyone can learn, does not seem
    proposterous to me.

    So many of us wander through life with no clue to our purpose
    of existence becoming jaded and cynical that life has anything
    to offer us but pain and suffering for no purpose!

    While members of the various groups may not agree on details,
    the broad outline of a scheme of evolution with the potential
    to improve each and every one of us guided and directed by our
    Elder Brothers seems far to noble an ideal to cast aside
    ligthly.  Even one that might inspire some to commit themselves
    to working for it in some small way.  Organization such as
    these are worth belonging to, supporting, and working in!


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