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Aug 13, 1994 10:35 AM
by Gerald Schueler

          Richard.  First of all, I want to express my appreciation
          for your fabulous sense of humor.  I am usually in
          stitches when I read your articles.  I am already on
          record as saying that a sense of humor is essential, and
          that too many writers have a somber air of deadly
          seriousness.  Those who truly KNOW, should be able to
          laugh about it.  Please, keep it up.

          Everyone.  Lastly, I do not think that any of the TS's
          will expel members merely for their beliefs or interests.
          The only requirement for membership, that I know of, is a
          sincere belief in universal brotherhood.  If a member is
          prejudice toward a sex or race, for example, then I can
          understand a TS expelling such a member.  Paul Johnson
          gave us a good example.  I can provide another.  I joined
          the Pasadena TS in 1969.  Since then, I became interested
          in magic.  I have written 7 books (8th due out soon) and
          numerous pamphlets and articles on magic.  Grace Knoche
          once asked me why I had such an interest - "Why magic?"
          she asked me.  the Pasadena TS is very opposed to
          practicing magic because they feel it is too dangerous.
          I have, in effect, been given matches to children (and
          yes, I have consciously accepted the karmic burden of my
          books, as has Paul).  So, if they wanted to expel members
          who publically went against their policies and
          convictions, then I should have been expelled years ago.
          Yet Pasadena, from Grace down, has never been anything
          but friendly and loving to me.  (I suppose at some point,
          I will have to break down and confess the real reason why

          Anyway, if any of the TS's really want to police their
          membership, they had better look to this Study Group,
          because we have absolutely no restrictions placed on what
          we say here.  Unlike the TS's publications, there are no
          editors here.  Some folks write about how great their TS
          is, and some write horror stories.  It may be
          embarrassing for a TS leader to see dirty linen aired in
          public, but I for one am not influenced by any of it.  I
          realize that all human organizations have their problems,
          personality conflicts being just one.  Also, I am not an
          historian.  I let Paul and Jerry tell us what they think
          really happened in theosophical history because, as
          historians, they are qualified to speak out.  So you
          won't hear any history from me, except the little that I
          have personally experienced.  As to personalities, I use
          the rule "by their fruits you shall know them." I don't
          especially care what Leadbeater was supposed to have said
          to so and so, or what his sexual preferences were, or
          that HPB is said to have smoked, used drugs, cussed, and
          traveled for weeks at a time across the continents in the
          company of several men.  I prefer to read their works and
          judge them by that alone.

                                                       Jerry S.

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