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Re: ongoing computer stuff .. might as well bring everyone in on theos-l

Jul 24, 1994 04:16 PM
by M. Chenery

Hi! I've come in new to the conversation, so forgive me if this has
been discussed before.  I, too, am interested in electronic access
to theosophical literature.  Regarding searching, there's a
program, at least here in Australia and usually they come to us
from the States, called Isys which searches text files in the way
you have described.  It could be of value to explore.  Cheers from
down under, Mary-Faeth

Mary-Faeth Chenery  (
Department of Outdoor Education
La Trobe University Bendigo
PO Box 199
Bendigo 3550 AUSTRALIA
Phone 61 54 447969 Fax 61 54 447777

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