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Re: rtf?

Jul 25, 1994 01:07 PM
by Theosophical Society

>mike -- could you refresh my memory on RTF??
>how much does the package cost,  and can we distribute it??

RTF stands for Rich Text Format. It is a standard which
is described in a document I don't have handy at the moment
(though you can find it on Actually,
the format looks alot like TeX in that it is an ASCII
format which directives to turn on and off various formating.

For instance:

The {\b big} {\i bad} fox.

would print the word big in bold and bad in italics.

Normally, you would simply use a package like Word
for Windows which can output this format directly.
Thus you would not normally see the RTF itself. RTF
format is used for the Microsoft Help Compiler and
other text rendering systems.

    -Mike Grenier

P.S. we're here at the headquarters this week setting
up the internet access.

Theosophical Society in America
National Headquarters

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