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Re: rtf?

Jul 25, 1994 05:24 PM
by John Mead

> The RTF is a *specification*, NOT a product.

I realize that.  Mike also was also referring to a specific media
package though (in addition).

> TF files are ascii text files that define formating information.
> Most decent word processors support the RTF format.  I'd assume
> that the idea behind rtf is to allow for specifiying formating
> information independant of any particular word prossesor.  It is
> similar to the TeX format that is found on UNIX machines.  Also,
> Windows Help files are derived from RTF formated files.

I've seen TeX but used it very little.  extremely cryptic to work with
(unless you have some product that builds and manipulates the files for

is RTF a Microsoft standard or an International standard??

> Also, I found a product that might be of interest to us.  I'll write
> more tommorrow.

Great!  maybe there is hope yet!

peace --

john e. m.

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