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computer standards and search packages (ongoing)

Jul 25, 1994 05:40 PM
by John Mead

> Hi! I've come in new to the conversation, so forgive me if this has
> been discussed before. I, too, am interested in electronic access to
> theosophical literature. Regarding searching, there's a program, at
> least here in Australia and usually they come to us from the States,
> called Isys which searches text files in the way you have described.
> It could be of value to explore. Cheers from down under, Mary-Faeth
> ...
> Mary-Faeth Chenery  (

we accept any help we can get!!

do you have the Company address or phone number for Isys??

the main problem seems to be an agreeable standard and if we can
purchase a package with unlimited distribution license.

did everyone get Eldon's comments?? perhaps it was not sent out for
general distribution (??).  Maybe Eldon could repost??

he had ideas on some standardizations too.

Peace --

john e. mead

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