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THEOS-L digest 10

Jul 24, 1994 02:51 PM
by Tom Griffin

I'm a little hesitant to speak up in an assembly of theosophists
who have worked closely with the Society, but I would cast a vote
for making some of the theosophical resources available via

I make that apology because I have been an "at-large" member of the
Theosophical Society for a number of years -- since 1968, I believe
-- and I haven't attended local meetings (except for a short period
years ago).  My association with the Society, I'm afraid, has been
a rather self-centered one, i.e., study to enlarge my understanding
and conscious absorption of its truths for my own growth.  And I
found this growth better following the dictates of my own needs for
study than attending group meetings.

I just wanted to cast my vote here.  I would be interested in a
number of things, especially the index to Annie Besant's writings
that was mentioned here.  Also, I can't help but feel that
Theosophy could reach an increasingly wider audience through such
Internet availability.

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