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Re: Comments on globes and planes

Dec 16, 1993 05:52 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

You might be interested in a new book by Dan Merkur in the SUNY
series on Western Esoteric Traditions. It's entitled Gnosis,
and the subtitle is something like-- a tradition of mystical
visions and unitive experiences. The author provides a very
accessible but scholarly historical survey of traditions which
combine mystical experiences with "maps" for journeys through
higher planes. He's especially good on the Isma`ili sevenfold
path of ascent, which is particularly resonant with Blavatskian
Theosophy. But there's lots of Kabbalah and Sufism too.

PS-- Hi Jerry, como esta? Llewellyn was, surprisingly, quite
interested in my ms. but SUNY got there first. Have you any
new projects in the works?

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