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About Balam

Dec 16, 1993 06:58 PM

To Brenda

The Balaam you speak of is not the Balam which
I use as a code name. Actually this code was
picked by Ed who signed on to the network for
me. This Balam means Jaguar. It was the name
given to the first four created men of the
Quiche Maya of Guatemala and southern Mexico.
To this day the Maya and foreigners who live
in the area use this name to denote aristocra-
cy. Both the Jaguar and the Quetzal (bird) were
creatures venerated by the ancient Maya. The
Popol Vuh and the Chilan Balam are mentioned
somewhere in the Secret Doctrine, but I am un-
able to refer you to the pages. I am assuming
that you have heard of these sacred books of
the ancient Quiche. Another Balaam spelled
like yours is mentioned on page 409 of vol. 2
of the S.D.........................Sarah.

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