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Comments on globes and planes

Dec 16, 1993 05:04 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Don, thanks for your excellent answers to Arvind's questions on
the globes and planes. I agree with you completely.

Technically, the globes are located on the planes in the same way
that our Globe D (which is our planet Earth) is located on the
physical plane. Earth is on the physical plane. Globes C and E
are located on the astral plane in the same way. So for the

Everyone has a component of themselves located somewhere on each
plane. Just as we have a physical body on the physical plane, so
we have an astral body on the astral plane with astral senses,
and a mental body on the mental plane complete with mental
senses, and so on for each plane. But for most folks, we are
only conscious of the physical. We act in our astral, mental,
and causal bodies every day, but are largely unaware of it.
Where do we go when we go to sleep but to the higher globes of
our planetary chain?

To visit one of the higher globes, we shift our consciousness so
that it focuses in one of our subtle bodies. Meditation is one
technique used for this. There are many techniques. If you
could shift your consciousness to your mental body, for example,
you would see yourself in your mental body (which would *feel*
like a physical body to you at the time) and you would perceive
things on the psychic plane through your psychic/mental senses.
This whole business can be seen as simple or made very
complicated depending on how you want to look at it. You don't
need to know how a combustion engine works to drive a car, and
you don't need to know how the globes and planes work to visit
them. But, I suppose that some knowledge helps. If nothing
else, knowledge will give you a mental framework with which to
interpret your experiences in a meaningful way.

I have never heard the Monad equated with the Dhyan Chohan
before. The Dhyan Chohans are beings who reside in the higher
globes of our planetary chain (most can be found on Globe F') and
who help us in certain ways in our evolutionary development.
Most magical and occult schools equate the Monad with the inner
god (or goddess, if you prefer), the inner divinity that resides
within us all. We are destined to meet with, and to converse
with, this being some day. Eventually we will assume its
identity and become it - ie., we will realize that it is our

The questions "Who am I" and "What am I" are excellent questions
to focus on during meditation. Ramana Maharishi, a famous
Bengali saint at the end of the last century, taught and used
this technique (his physical body was reported by eyewitnesses to
shine with radiated light). The point of it all is: wherever
your identity is, that is where you are. By shifting your sense
of identity to a deity (this is an old magical technique called
the assumption of a god-form which is still used today in Tibetan
Buddhism and endorsed by the Dali Lama) you can raise your
consciousness into the higher globes of our planetary chain.

                               Jerry S.

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