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Oct 29, 1993 09:05 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Eldon, your piece on 'impersonal service' is another excellent
commentary from  you.  Where or how do you come up with such words?

I must admit that I have myself committed to memory many passages,
primarily from the Blue books (i.e. Bailey books) and can quote them
every now and then. I commit them to memory in the hope of imbibing
them or implementing them in my day-to-day life but is there a better
way to gain 'real knowledge'. I have heard that meditation (Raja Yoga)
is a method 'par excellence' to get at true knowledge and to verify
for oneself the reality of the One Life and the One Existence but when
I sit down for meditation, all I can do is 'thoughtform-making' based
on what I have already read or committed to memory (in other words I
have a hard time 'sensing the vibration of the soul' when sitting down
to meditate). Is it possible that you can give hints at improving the
quality of one's meditation (comments from others are welcome as well)?

Best Regrds/Arvind

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