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wolves and sleep (This from Brenda Tucker)

Oct 29, 1993 07:59 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Does your fascination with the literal sense of the term
"human" in the statement by K.H. make you a laughing stock?

    "I am a wolf in sheep's clothing."

    "I am a parrot."

What's so significant about needing sleep?  All kingdoms
sleep or rest, don't they?

Jerry S.:

Does a warning reform people?  I would say
no, it doesn't.  Thought may prove to be a greater

Your response to me was so nice.  Thank you for showing
forth such kindness.  It is a great inspirer.

I don't think my logic is faulty on the basis that you
state. By unhealthy, I don't mean bringing death closer,
I mean impeding proper functioning, depriving cells of
important nutrients that could be dangerous and result
in errors in perception. In your own words, "the
physical body is an expression of the higher subtle

Let's compare sleep to the atom and the vehicles to the
electron shells.  It is always the outer shells that let
go of their electrons first (as the case may be).  I
don't even necessarily believe that we are on the astral
plane when we sleep, so let's picture the analogy even
further and remove a couple of the outer shells until we
peacefully are fulfilling our part in the divine plan on
whatever plane we are arrested to.  I mean students of
the maters of the wisdom are supposed to be "within the
ranks," studying or working, etc.  even at night.

Aren't the electron shells where the term "quantum leap"
came from?  Why don't you just quantum leap over your
abyss?  Wouldn't it be nice to jump over all that chaos
that's pictured in fractals?

I'm sorry, but I'd rather not elaborate any more at
this time.  I kind of like thinking that I'm a weekly
columnist on this "newspaper."

Thanks to everyone for their contributions.

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