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Comarative study of AAB and HPB

Oct 29, 1993 09:40 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry Hejka-Ekins:

Thanks for your rather detailed commentary in response to my query
regarding the reluctance of many 'mainstream TSA theosophists' to
discuss the Bailey material.

It is wonderful that you have already tried to do a comparative study
of the AAB versus the HPB teaching. I may have unintentionally caused
the impression that I have read much of Bailey and Blavatsky (the two
B's out of the "3 B's of esotericism", the third B being the Lord
Buddha ...I am referring here to this phrase I heard recently at the
annual conference of the 7-Ray University).

Actually I have read only seven out of the 24 Bailey books and barely
a volume and a half of the Secret Doctrine by HPB. My plan is to
finish SD, then read 'A treatise on Cosmic Fire' by AAB (which is
considered to hold the 'psychological key to SD) and a book called
'The Divine Plan' (I do not know the author of this last book or
indeed where to get it from as yet; if anyone on the network knows and
can tell me about it, that will be great). These three books are part
of the mandatory reading prescribed for the "PhD in Esoteric
Psychology" students of the University of Seven Rays ( 128 Manhattan
Avenue, Jersey City Heights, NJ 07307 - phone 201 798-7777).

If you are interested in a rather complete or 'rigorous' comparison of
AAB and HPB books/teachings, I feel quite inadequate by myself but
highly reccommend putting this question on the Esonet - 7 Ray
Institute (Computer bulletin board specializing in AAB and other
esoteric studies; good astrology program-no fees; 1200-14400 baud,
8N1, HST, 24 HRS/7 Days a week; voice 718 380 0805 and modem at
718 380 5750; contact person Jerome Salem, SYSOP). I will however do
whatever I can toward this end to answer some of the questions that
you have raised in your last message (but over the next several days).

You mentioned that you are extremely busy and may not be able to reply
my questions quickly. That is no problem at all. I myself have a full
time supervisory position in the system engineering/software
development dept of a large swedish telecom supplier. In addition, I
help my wife in managing her nursing business which she runs from our
house, and have a 15 year old daughter who takes up much of my spare
time -- she is one of my many teachers, albeit a more pure one, being
so young and unspoilt. So I hope that you will understand why I cannot
reply your (and the many other excellent ) messages for several days

Best Regards and hoping to re-read your message next week sometime in
an effort to reply to some of your specific questions

/ Arvind

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