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Oct 16, 1993 05:52 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Eldon, regarding psychic abilities, it may sound all well and
good to say "let the psychic capabilities lay dormant until the
sixth or seven major races" but just how do we do this?  I
understand that they will follow as a natural extension of
spiritual development - which we *are* supposed to be
cultivating.  Let me tell you a quick story.  Betty, my wife, has
always been rather sensitive, while I have only recently been
getting that way.  She has always had the ability to feel other
people's thoughts and emotions.  I have had to learn this as I
went along. Anyway, many years ago we both got into Tarot
readings.  I was fairly apt, but she was great!  She could almost
always tell people their fortune, and used the cards only as a
focus.  But after some time went by, we found more and more bad
things that were going to happen - and they did.  She would warn
people, but they almost never listened.  Anyway, we had foster
children at the time - two boys that we had for almost 2 years.
Their mother was going to get them back, and we were afraid for
them because she wasn't ready to settle down and be a proper
mother to them.  Betty read the cards each day, and each day they
told us that we would lose the kids.  Finally, they did, in fact,
go back to their mother somewhere on the streets of Wilmington
Delaware.  Betty took it very hard.  She quit reading the cards,
and except for a few readings lately with our own Enochian Tarot
cards, she leaves them alone saying "I don't want to know whats
going to happen."  But my point is, if psychic development
naturally accompanies spiritual development, how can you stop it,
even if you want to.  Not only that but most psychic abilites are
tied into simply being sensitive or empathetic to others, which
is a positive thing.  How can one be sensitive and empathetic
without having at least some psychic ability?  Thus I see the
whole business of psychic and spiritual development as being
inevitably joined.  Although, of course, you can have psychic
development without the spiritual, and it is this that leads to
what I call karmic backlash.

Your quote about the Mahatma not being such when in the
personality is an very old teaching in magic schools.  Magicians
typically will give magical names to their higher selves, and
then use those names as authors when writing while attuned to
them (we have more than one higher self).  The ability to step
out of the human personality and identify yourself with your
individuality, for example, is the only safe way to explore the
higher Globes of our planetary chain.

My next point concerns your statement the every Monad is
"unique." Where did you get this idea from?  Can you quote a
source?  And I will try to explain to you why I ask this.  It is
not an easy thing to put into words.  I took at stab at it in my
ENOCHIAN PHYSICS, but it is tricky.  The idea is this:  Suppose
you have two separate things.  Now, lets suppose that they are
exactly alike in shape, color, texture, and so on.  Even if we
agree that they are exactly identical, we would still know that
they are separate things because two physical objects can't
occupy the same place at the same time.  OK.  So far so good.  If
we have two objects or things that are exactly identical, they
are still divisible by space and time.  Now, lets suppose that
our objects are spiritual monads.  We have two identical monads
which are separate and unique, but outside of space and time
(i.e., they are both eternal and infinite).  What happens when
these two spiritual monads come together and, in fact, do occupy
the very same space at the same time?  In other words, lets
suppose that we have two monads that are exactly identical, and
who both occupy the very same space at the same point in time.
How can we tell the difference between them?  How can we say that
they are unique?

There is no longer any measuring rod that can measure a
difference.  They are unique, but also at the same time they are
one and the same.  Thus oneness and manyness blur together so
that no real distinction can be made any longer.  This is just
what I believe happens when two monads below the highest
Ring-Pass-Not of Globe D' (D prime) rise upward through the last
barrier and return to their true divine monadic natures.
Divinity itself can be considered one, but it could also be an
infinite host - there is simply no way that we can tell from our

                                         Jerry S.

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