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Re: Monads

Oct 18, 1993 10:03 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

This message is a reply from jcoker

10/18/93  From Nancy

       I am enjoying all the comments -- thanks you guys.

To Sarah --  Do you imagine that ALL enlightenment must be preceded
by a long and painful process?? -- I am wondering about the sudden
enlightenment schools of Zen.

To Jerry S --  I received your comments about Tarot twice -- could you
send the previous message?  I had a similar, though much milder exper-
ience with Tarot and have since put it away.  I still get a great
deal of psychological understanding with Astrology so am still open
to reading charts.

       I'll mail you the xerox from New Leaf.

 Re:  Are Monads Unique?  The question makes my brain cells ache.  In
your illustration you put forward two monads both eternal and infinite.
I think that is philosophically and logically an impossibility -- how
can there be two infinite entities?

To Chris -- Welcome.

To Andrew -- Thanks for the newsletter and your comments on Astronomy.
I'm interested but largely ignorant so I'll be quiet and just read.

I just discovered that in the L.A. area, on Saturdays at noon, on
channel 18, is an ongoing broadcast of the Mahabharatta.  It appears
to be an Indian production, sumptuous costumes (if the cameras don't
get too close) and subtitled.  This past Saturday was the coronation
of Yudhistara.  Sorry about the spelling.  I have forgotten almost all
the Sanskrit I learned.

Question (I asked this before but so many of my first messages bounced
I want to try again.)   A friend mentioned that many past life
therapists she knows are discovering real medical relief from present
afflictions by regressing people.  How do we explain what might be

Bye.  Nancy

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