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Re: Theosophy and science

Oct 22, 1993 07:38 AM
by Dewey Val Schorre

>Specifically, has anyone been able to
>get a hold of a copy of "Impact of Theosophy and Science" by A.
>Kannan (proceedings of the Theosophy Science Study Group)? I saw a
>reference to it, and haven't been able to find it anywhere.
>Mike Levin

        Yes, the Krotona library has a copy, but I guess that
doesn't help you much. It is published in 1971 by THE THEOSOPHICAL
PUBLISHING HOUSE, PO Box 270, Wheaton, IL 60187. You should be able
to get through your local Theosophical Book Store or order it
directly from the publisher.

        If you don't want to buy the book, you can join the Olcott
Library for $30.00 per year and they will send you books by mail.
Their address is Olcott Library & Research Center, P.O. Box 270,
Wheaton, IL 60189-0270.

        I am interested in science and mathematics and will enjoy
discussions about how they relate to theosophy.

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