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Oct 20, 1993 01:14 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

say that there is no really separate E.S. at this time, and yet, we
are asked to keep certain things secret, until their time ripens so to
speak. I can't say what all the others do, but I know that many
definitely do approach each task as a spiritual practice.

Bravo Brenda. I'm well aware that many of my ideas are (as many order
forms state) subject to change without notice.  I don't think that we
have to choose which version of history we like or don't like, but
neither should it be a problem that some people do want to choose. The
tricky part is not only to learn HOW to discriminate but to learn WHEN
to. Seems to me that the spirit is all encompassing, so being spiritual
must mean being all inclusive, yet developing awareness and manas
demands learning to differentiate one from the another.  Do you
imagine that the act of choosing is an inherently materialistic one?


Regarding the idea of studying as a group. What do you think about
using headings on our messages to indicate topics. That way people can
easily tell if they want to skip the conversation. If several want to
study figs, each discussion about figs could be headed FIGS, and all
the date lovers will be well warned. Perhaps it would help keep costs

To John:  I don't know why EIS recopies the original message, perhaps
they always do that in REPLY mode.  I'll stop using that option.
Thanks for the feedback.  I did not get Arvind Kumar's message correctly
-- the lines went off to oblivion.  Can you or he resend?

Arvind -- I will be near Fort Worth in a few days -- where is Plano??


Dear Eldon:  Since you mentioned it, the objectives of TS Pasa:

to diffuse among men a knowledge of the laws inherent in the universe;

to promulgate the knowledge of the essential unity of all that is, and
to demonstrate that this unity is fundamental in nature;

to form an active brotherhood among men;

to study ancient and modern religion, science, and philosophy;

to investigate the powers innate in man.

Seems to me the more we investigate the less eager we'd be to try to
develop the strictly psychical ones.  Education changes what we vote
for  -- Isn't it true that the more educated families have less
children . . . . .


Regarding some of the prisoners that I worry about. Several are
extremely psychic and have had access to a lot of material on Wicca
which gives them special rituals and meditations to do. (The Wiccans
offer courses, newsletters and apparently lots of support to inmates
to help them get through the day.)

While deep in meditation, one of them discovered?? a secret
organization called "Brethren of Light" a spiritual organization that
comprises the "highest initiates in our cosmic system."  It is a
hierarchical order headed by Urgaya or the OLDMASTER.  There are 12
adepts, 72 wise men, 360 masters etc.  He wants to become one of the
brethren and wanted to know if I could help him.  Two others go and
visit other inmates in their astral bodies to counsel them and teach
them esoteric secrets.  Most of them are into heavy meditation.  One
of them started writing love poems to me after my introductory letter
to him because he is certain he has met me in a vision and has fallen
in love.  I try to handle all of them very gently.

My frustration at not having 20/21cent language is aimed at myself,
not anyone else.  I have already lost touch with two correspondents
through counseling against gaining psychic powers.  One no longer
writes, one writes but self-edits.

I hope that as we corespond about theos. principles, and try to see
them in action, that a natural basis for discussion will develop.

Did you ever see Reefer Madness?  I want to avoid the heavyhandedness
of that kind of presentation.  Really, why should the prisoners
believe anything I have to say?  They're surrounded by bars,
authorities, & rules and have found a hole in their heads to escape
thru -- how would we expect them to react to a letter with more don'ts
in it?  Their experience is no match for my warnings.  I doubt that
any single letter of mine would have much effect, I am hoping that if
I am very clear on theosophic principles and non-judgmental in
attitude, that I can keep the communication going long enough to
clarify some of the basic ideas of theosophy.  One of the difficulties
is that they are likely to write what they think I want them to say
-- an ultimately self-defeating and time-wasting situation -- if I get
too directive an attitude.

Not all are like that though, a very sweet letter came in today from a
very normal sort who just wants to correspond with fellow seekers.

        Bye. Nancy.

I tried to put this in ascii first but it prints out as garbage
on my screen. I will send it, please let me know if it looks
like garbage when it gets to you or not.  Thanks.

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